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In our July 10, 2012 post, we told you that we love accessories just as much as we love making all things beautiful from styling our clients to transforming an event space.  We believe that imagine is everything and your personal style and taste should always be front and center.  Accessories play a major role in bringing your entire look together because the love is in the details. 

We have a treat for you.  In today’s designer spotlight we are featuring one of our favorites, an amazing jewelry designer by the name of Caroline Kramer. One word that comes to mind when describing her unique collection is Fabulous.    Her collection is unique and definitely fashion forward as she uses fused art glass called Dichroic Glass and it is absolutely stunning.   The glass shimmers and shifts colors depending on the angle that you are viewing it and her pieces are definitely one of a kind.

 So if you dare to be different, then go for it and check out her entire collection at

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Wedding Reception Revealed: Alaina and Dion’s Wedding Part II

 Okay, so we are so excited to share what we did for Alaina and Dion’s wedding reception.  As you remember, last week we talked about being inspired and embracing color.  We shared pictures of the ceremony and showed you how to tastefully add color to your ceremony.  Well, today, as promised here is the big reveal of the reception…..

Photo: Photography by the R

Photo: Photography by the R

Photo: Photography by the R

Photo: Photography by the R

Photo: Photography by the R

Photo: Photography by the R

Alaina and Dion’s color palate for the reception was black, white and red.  She wanted an elegant reception with a party vibe.  We used black and white damask linens accompanied with black chair covers.  To bring in the drama we washed the walls in red lighting.  We adorned each table with tall illuminating glass vases with a large red flower ball and hanging crystals.   And, of course, we had hundreds of red votive candles all throughout the room to add more ambiance and romance. 

So you see, your ceremony and reception do not have to have the same theme. We always like to remind our brides that the ceremony and reception are two separate events with their own identity.  Take your guests on a journey.  Give your guests different experiences throughout your wedding to create movement and excitement.   This is a sure way to keep your wedding fresh and your guests talking long after the wedding. 

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Spice Up Your Wedding Ceremony with Bold Colors

 In our last post, we told you about using for color inspiration.  Well, here is a look at one of our most recent weddings where we were inspired by Pantone’s color of the year—Tangerine Tango.  Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute Leatrice Eiseman said, “Tangerine Tango (orange) marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.” Don’t you just love that quote?  So this got our wheels turning, these three colors while blended together make a wonderful hue they are just as striking, and visually pleasing on their own.  We incorporated yellow and red in Alaina and Dion’s wedding.  Now you’re probably saying to yourself I would never use red and yellow for my ceremony colors and we know that it sounds a little overwhelming but, if it’s done right, it can be beautiful.  And it was…  

Photo: Photography by the R


Photo: Photography by the R

Photo: Photography by the R

Photo: Photography by the R

For the ceremony, we anchored the room with a neutral palate of black and white; using black chair covers, white draping and white columns and pedestals.  Keeping your base neutral allows the colors to pop.  For the bridal aisle, we incorporated yellow Calla Lilies that bowed at the entrance and continued down the length of the aisle.  To the Altar, we used a mix of white columns and pedestals adorned with white draping and incorporated yellow fabric to frame the Altar.  To finish our look, we added a couple of yellow pin spot lights that added another layer of softness to the design.  We dimmed the overhead lights to further soften the room.  Now to punch things up a little, we added splashes of red with two kissing flower balls on the altar and strategically placed red candle holders throughout the room.  The candles illuminated the room adding a soft amber red hue.  It was absolutely glamtastic. 

The bridesmaids carried yellow roses with red hypericum berries and the bride’s bouquet was a combination of yellow orchids and confetti roses that tied it all together.

Photo: Photography by the R

Photo: Photography by the R

So be bold, be daring and embrace color for your wedding or next event.  There are no rules.  Just do what makes you feel good.  This is your stage and time to shine, so shine!

Now that you’ve seen the ceremony, aren’t you curious about the reception? Check back next week to see what took Alaina and Dion’s breath away…… 

Photo: Photography by the R

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Inspired to be Inspiration

 If you google inspiration you are likely to find it means artistic
inspiration and sudden creativity.  The definition alone is
inspiring.  What you will soon learn from reading our blog posts is
that we take our creative inspiration from the things we love most —
fashion, event planning and design and the savory taste of good food and delectable desserts.

Photo: Party Championship

You can find inspiration in the world around you, we do. From a lamp-post as we walk down the streets of DC to  a colorful pair of platforms in Neiman’s  window to a scrumptious and well sculptured meal at Cintronelle in Georgetown. We love taking inspiration from unexpected things to create trends and a lifestyle for ourselves and for our clients.

Pink Fashion Jewelry

Its our hope that we will inspire you and awaken your sense of style in all aspects of your life including fashion, home decor and entertaining, event planning,  amazing recipes, special event decor and floral arrangements.  Just be warned that Susan is obsessed with the finest and blingiest of accessories and Areaka has been known to drool over a well crafted handbag.  So expect to see lots of inspiration from and posts on that 🙂 We take our creative que from the fashion industry and as most of us know fashion sets the stage for most trends. and is a great source for color inspiration and has been right on point in forecasting new color trends.  

As you follow our blog, you will see that we love to make all things beautiful from styling our clients to transforming an event space and expressing our artistic style through event floral design and textiles.  So sit back and join us on this amazing journey through the world of fashion, entertaining, art, and living well.

 Areaka & Susan

Owners and Event Stylists of

Glamour & Glo

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Food Trucks: Dishing Up New Trends in 2011

Okay, food trucks are becoming the next big thing.  These gourmet restaurants on wheels are taking the D.C. metropolitan area by storm which got us thinking…..what about having a gourmet food truck at your wedding reception, rehersal dinner or next big event?  Now these food trucks are not your average hot dog stands.  They are dishing up some of the most amazing cuisine — from Maine lobster to Asian to Latin and more — oh yeah, and desserts too!  I can see it now, guests sipping cocktails on the patio and strolling up to a food truck for some wounderful eats.   Would you have a food truck at your event or wedding? 

Below is a list of some of our favorite food trucks in D.C.

Red Hook Lobster DC —

Sauca 1 —

El Floridano —

District Taco —

Curbside Cupcake —

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3,000 Brides Attended Bridal Showcase in D.C.

The Bridal Showcase in Washington, D.C. was fabulous — over 3,000 brides attended.  Here are a few pictures of the booth we designed for the Washington Plaza Hotel. 

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Wedding Season Begins … NOW

Glamour & Glo was selected by the Washington Plaza Hotel to style their booth at the largest Bridal Expo in the DC Metropolitan Area. Come check us out at the Washington Bridal Showcase on Sunday, January 16, 2011 from 11:00am – 5:00pm at the Washington Convention Center . See our latest designs and trends for 2011 and take advantage of the great door prizes and giveaways!

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